@UK's 'Real' campaign gets rolling

Aug 17, 2006
There will be hundreds of thousands of exposures of the @UK “real” campaign to buyers in every field from local authorities to health, from education to major corporates over the next few months. The campaign is running in a wide range of relevant media and reinforces the fact that solutions from @UK are always rich in measurable benefits.

Example advertisements include;

Real e-invoicing” highlights that every supplier connected to the @UK network can render electronic invoices from day one. It is this which allows buying organisations to reap meaningful savings in the administration of procurement; by totally eliminating manual 3-way matching of invoices. This of course benefits suppliers too as correct invoices can be paid on time, every time.
[ Download Real e-invoicing PDF, 4.6Mb ]

Real Coding” shows how @UK now offers the ability to use item-specific, supplier-neutral codes across all goods and services bought. This allows buying organisations to create and analyse tenders for goods and services in an easier way than ever before. Not only this, but also to monitor in real time purchases against any category, across any number of suppliers. In turn tenders and requests for quote are then based on realistic quantities rather than guesswork-so suppliers gain too.
[ Download Real Coding PDF, 3.3Mb ]

Real pre-qualification” highlights that both buyer and suppliers can save huge amounts of time and effort because all suppliers in the construction and FM category can be thoroughly pre-qualified on the Constructionline* system and the results used in the selection of potential providers within @UK.
[ Download Real Pre-qualification PDF, 2.9Mb ]

*Constructionline is a service owned and supported by the Department of Trade and Industry

@UK Marketing Director Dudley George said “It is easy for busy purchasing professionals to miss the huge underlying benefits to every aspect of their operation from working with @UK. We are becoming very well-known now as the unquestioned leader in e-enabling the suppliers of any buying organisation. This is the case whatever financial or e-procurement system the buyer happens to use. In all cases front-line staff to create requisitions easily an accurately, passing them back for approval through their legacy system”.

”What this campaign is intended to do is broaden the understanding of all the other benefits that working with @UK can bring. There are so many of these that we will be running several further advertisement treatments beyond the three that can be viewed above. These advertisements may be specific to a particular sector eg what is real e-procurement in health or education. They may be introducing a new aspect of the “joined up” benefits that both buyers and suppliers can achieve when they have brought @UK onboard to make their purchasing easier and less costly”

Contact:Dudley Georgeon 0870 486 6003