@UK Unveil 100% eInvoicing Concept at London Event and Launch Buyer's Forum

Mar 13, 2007

On Wednesday 28th February 2007 @UK PLC held an event in London to officially unveil their new 100% approach to eProcurement. The conference was well attended by over 50 procurement and finance officials from public sector organisations. Grant Oliver, the @UK Chief Executive opened the conference held at the London Euston Hilton Hotel.

Russell Darling, Account Services Executive from Bristol City Council and a National eProcurement Project board member, was the keynote speaker. He illustrated how cashable savings had been driven through Bristol City Council by a combination of good procurement practices and using @UK’s technology solutions. Russell also outlined other ways in which further savings could be made.

Simon Lipscomb, @UK’s National Sales Manager, then presented details on @UK’s new approach to eProcurement based around a 100% eInvoicing concept. This new method represents a major step forward in the field of eProcurement as it provides a tailored solution for the needs of both the public sector and the entire range of their private sector suppliers.

A forum has been launched at www.ukplc.net/buyers to allow members of the public sector to discuss the issues raised at the event on the 28th February. Slides of the presentations will also be available to download. In order to use the forum you must register, however registration is free and only takes a few minutes.