@UK Recent Supplier Registrations

Aug 20, 2006

@UKexpands the number of suppliers trading electronically with LocalAuthorities. Suppliers continue tobecome part of the @UK Marketplace helping councils and NHS trusts tradeefficiently via electronic orders and invoicing. To help your business achieve cost savingsand to trade electronically with a growing number of UK authorities, telephone ourImplementation Centre who will be happy to talk through the options availableto make your business ready for eCommerce trading. @UK Implementation Centre 0870 486 6002.

@UK PLC recent supplier registrations



Colour It In


Devon Tree Services Ltd

Direct Comm Radio Services Ltd

Jo Badger Historic Costumes

Glanville Consultants Ltd

Lyonesse Software

Roses Transport

Pondergrove Ltd

Macbrown Fork Lift Trucks

PrimeTime Horizons

Recognition Express

SiteImprove Ltd

Master Travel

Wessex Plumbing & Heating Services Ltd

Purbeck Ice Cream Ltd

Woolmer Pest Control

Tristan G Murless Limited