@UK presence in the healthcare market increasing rapidly

Aug 08, 2006
Leeds Teaching Hospital (the largest such establishment in Europe) is now live for the transmission of orders to suppliers and for receipt of the equivalent e-invoices using the @UK network. At the same time the Coding International arm of @UK is involved in a major coding exercise for several London healthcare trusts. A new advertising campaign to health breaks on September 7th in Health Service Journal, the leading weekly magazine read by over 80,000 health services managers and senior staff. The advertisement is another in @UK’s successful “real” campaign. It majors on the genuine benefits that e-procurement using the @UK approach can bring; easy and effective recruitment of all sizes and types of supplier, rapid accurate transmission of orders and especially the reductions in administration cost from automatic 3-way matching of invoices.

@UK National Operations Manager for Healthcare, Andy Bishop said “We are generating real momentum now in healthcare. It is important to stress that @UK can work with any of the existing providers of e-commerce solutions such as GHX and UK Procure, but can also offer a complete purchase to pay solution. There is now a wide variety of options available to create a successful e-procurement implementation for any size of establishment.

From a position where the company was well-known in local authorities but unheard of in health, @UK is now fast becoming seen as the logical provider of links to all the suppliers of all healthcare bodies. In fact the division between the council and health markets is somewhat artificial. Many companies supply both sectors. The huge advantage to all suppliers is that one annual membership to the @UK network gains them the ability to access all our buying clients electronically, whatever sector they are in”.

For more information on the @UK solution for connecting suppliers in healthcare for e-procurement contact Andy Bishop on 07747 792434 or e-mail andy.bishop@ukplc.net