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Dec 02, 2009
@UK PLC's PlatformGenerator develops applications 10x faster than traditional development methodologies and provides all the infrastructure to run the resulting applications.

PlatformGenerator is now used by just under 1 million users, ranging from Government, through Fortune 500 enterprises down to private individuals.

PlatformGenerator is being launched today at the business cloud summit.

Find out more at http://www.PlatformGenerator.com

Link to the RNS announcement on the London Stock Exchange

PlatformGenerator – the quickest, secure way to build your web application using the UK’s no1 platform.

@UK PLC have nearly 1 million users on our PlatformGenerator cloud business platform.  This makes us the second most popular Business platform world wide and the number 1 platform in the UK.

PlatformGenerator is designed to provide quick and easy application development.  The key is that most applications can be built without code, just by building the forms, selecting the validation for the fields and then storing the data into the database.  PlatformGenerator builds upon over 18 years of automated application development by @UK PLC and its predecessor @Software PLC.

Automated application development has been one of the “holy grail’s” of computing.  PlatformGenerator is significantly faster than previous web development approaches, and has an easy learning curve.  It overcomes two of the common problems associated with form/table driven development in that the front end is flexible, and that unlimited logic can be attached to any form or field if required.

Model view separation is a design concept that makes larger applications more maintainable, normally at the expense of quicker initial development.  PlatformGenerator uses xml and xslt for the web front end this provides a perfect model/view separation.  In practice a plain html is rendered and then customised using css, which is much easier for designers than xslt.  However xslt does provide complete flexibility in terms of the output.

By default PlatformGenerator has standard validation templates for all fields with the ability to create new validators in c#.  The data layer is build using stored procedures associated with each form, with failover, retry and errorhandling.  PlatformGenerator allows the standard logic associated with any form to be extended using a bespoke handler written in dot net.  This provides unlimited extensibility, however this does mean that @UK PLC only allows this functionality to enterprise customers with appropriate quality controls, to ensure the security and reliability of the platform.

@UK PLC have developed complex Artificial Intelligence algorithms as part of their award winning research with Reading University and Goldsmiths College London, covering Fraud Detection, Spidering, Product Classification, Spend Analysis and Search engine services.  These complex algorithms are available as part of the underlying infrastructure.

@UK PLC have used PlatformGenerator to rewrite both the buy-side and supply-side of their popular internet marketplace.  This provided a benchmark of the productivity improvements of using PlatformGenerator.

 System @UK PLC web development PlatformGenerator Ratio
 200 months asp and dot net 18 months (9 elapsed)  11
Purchase to pay
 24 months dot net 1.1 3 months (3 elapsed) 8

So @UK PLC’s experience is that PlatformGenerator provided @UK PLC with an 8 to 11 fold increase in productivity vs @UK PLC implementation of asp and dot net.

@Software PLC benchmarked itself at around 3-5 times more productive than the industry average for asp and dot net web development, so this is a significant improvement over good to best practice rates.

PlatformGenerator is much more than just a rapid application development platform.  It comes with a complete set of e-commerce, e-procurement, supply chain and integration capabilities.  This means that out of the box is the entire range of @UK PLC e-commerce and e-procurement products along with all the working live integrations to most major financial systems, and web development environments.

Finance System Integrations

  • Agresso
  • Cedar
  • Civica
  • Finest/Software AG
  • Forte/Cyberscience
  • Oracle
  • Sage
  • SAP
Other marketplaces
  • Ariba
  • IDEA/egs
  • GHX
 Integration tool kits in most major web development languages including
  • Asp
  • Aspx/Dot Net
  • c/c++
  • java/jsp
  • Perl
  • Php
  • Python
 So that sites created in all the above languages can be easily plugged into a PlatformGenerator application.

PlatformGenerator applications are used by Government, Business and consumers with over 980,000 users.

Facts and figures

 @UK PLC PlatformGenerator logins at 11:05:18 on 01/12/2009
 1.5m + SalesForce.com at 11:05:18 on 01/12/2009
 Unknown Microsoft Azure due for release on 1st February 2010
 Unknown Google App Engine
 Unknown Rackspace Cloud

First Release
 1999 @UK PLC
 1999 SalesForce
 2009 Microsoft Azure due for release on 1st February 2010
 2008 Google App Engine
 Rackspace Cloud (as Mosso)

 PlatformGenerator is a trademark of @UK PLC.  @UK PLC is a registered trademark of @UK PLC, all other trademarks are acknowledged.