@UK PLC partners with Due North

Nov 10, 2005
@UK has partnered with Due North to provide a comprehensive offering for efficient procurement encompassing supplier e-enablement, e-tendering, e-auctions and e-procurement.

Lyn Duncan, Managing Director of @UK PLC commented “Although we remain separate entities, there is a perfect fit between what our two companies have to offer. In combination we allow any local authority or other large body to use a complete tool kit of capabilities so as to achieve Best Value across the whole range of needs from small scale goods and services to full “EU” tendering of major procurements”.

Alan Gray Managing Director of Due North said “We will be increasing the level of interoperability steadily over the next few months so that for example once an authority has run a competitive tender or e-auction, the winner passes seamlessly into the allowable e-procurement supplier set of the authority, to be activated on the date of application of the new tender. All difficulties previously encountered when a new tender came into force of the old supplier “hanging over” will be removed. The process of achieving Best Value just became much simpler and easier as a result. We will apply these benefits initially in clients we already share such as Devon County Council and Durham County Council but the strategy is also immediately available to those many clients where one or other of us is active.

Lyn Duncan said “Our recent survey in association with The Municipal Journal indicated that as many as 40% of local authorities are not expected to meet the ODPM December 2005 deadline to implement e-procurement. We believe this partnership will make it even easier and quicker for authorities to move forward and gain advantage from a whole range of e-techniques. Because both our services are Application Service Provisions (ASP’s) via the Internet, there is minimal IT impact and disruption, and costs are significantly less than authorities responding to our survey anticipated. This move also builds upon our previously announced partnership with Spikes Cavell; an organisation which provides authorities even more information so as to achieve an overall major uplift in its procurement capability. We can now lay claim to a truly uniquely offering which will allow any local authority to revolutionise its procurement”.