@UK PLC now live in London Datacentre

May 26, 2007
We completed a successful migration of all our services to London a day ahead of schedule, since we allowed 3 opportunities for the switch over between data centres this bank holiday weekend, and completed a successful switch over at the first opportunity.

The move was smooth but not perfect, and some email customers were affected along with some customers that point their domain names at our webservers, such as London Theatre Direct.

Our websites were up through out the move, however we had to take the shopping basket and check out down for around 5 minutes, whilst the databases switched over. Some customers connected to the Aldermaston servers at the time of the switch over may have experienced a longer outage, and we connected our Aldermaston webservers to the London Datacentre to resolve the issue.

We are sorry about the problems experienced by our email and certain web customers. As far as we are aware all issues are now resolved, and we ask all customers to contact us if they have any issues with any of our systems.

The system status page is at :- System Status