@UK PLC Launches Test Portal for all Education Authorities

Sep 02, 2005
A demonstration portal has been set up so as to allow all Education Authorities in the UK to try the process of accurate, controlled procurement for themselves.

Every local education authority has been allotted a mythical school of their own. For the purposes of the demonstration, the authority can create orders on major suppliers such as Hope and Heinemann-but these orders will not be processed by the companies concerned. Having generated a requisition (termed a “Content Order”) online, this order is imported automatically into the financial system of the school concerned * to be approved and sent online to the supplier(s). As well as catalogue ordering, authorities will also be able to try the process of creating a “Request for Price”. Here any school might send a number of (plumbers) ** the same specification for required work and is able to receive back their costs and schedules in a controlled, auditable manner so as to select the Best Value offer.

Use of the demonstration portal without obligation is available through Genevieve Toal on 0870 486 6002 or by e-mailing Genevieve Toal


* Although the @Schools demonstration is set up to work with SIMS FMS (v 6.76 upwards), exactly the same process can be set up with any other school financial system capable of receiving electronic messages in the approved XML format or with central computer systems used for schools financial processing. If your authority does not use SIMS FMS in all its schools, please inform Genevieve and a technical meeting will be set up to assess the appropriate options.

** Please note that your own authority Purchasing Portal using the @UK Supplier Management System can be set up so that Requests for Price can be directed only at approved/contracted suppliers of the authority if required. All orders for “catalogue” items made using your portal will also automatically be shown to the authority schools at contracted prices where these exist.