@UK PLC launches “punch-out” integration to Oracle i-Procurement

Feb 01, 2006
@UK PLC has developed integration to allow users of Oracle i-Procurement to access the suppliers and content held on the @UK PLC hub. This link can be implemented to enable Local Authorities and other Oracle customers to access a full range of goods and services from all their suppliers online, with no catalogue set-up required from the client. The @UK PLC technology is unique in allowing even very small suppliers to get online with a fully functioning trading website thereby also supporting wider council objectives such as Local Economic Development.

Oracle’s Local Government Procurement Specialist, Andy Gough said “This is a useful further addition to a range of techniques we make available to Oracle users throughout the UK. We are aware that @UK PLC specialise in putting local suppliers onto marketplaces for authorities and the local community to access. This development makes those suppliers and their goods and services available (where these are approved suppliers) to our Oracle i-Procurement client buyers, with minimal additional effort. The link will automatically display those pre-approved ranges at the agreed prices. Goods and services may then be selected and placed in a “basket” which is brought back into Oracle i-Procurement for approval in the normal way.

@UK National Sales Manager Simon Lipscomb said “Oracle authorities are already welcoming this new capability. We are happy to demonstrate it to any that we have not already visited. All authorities need to do is take out a normal @UK marketplace subscription, which includes free use of an @UK employee to act as a Supplier Implementation Officer for the duration of the implementation. We are now well experienced in working with authorities throughout the UK. The lead for this initiative in any authority may be taken by either the procurement or local economic development departments, as there are benefits to both. It does not matter, as the outcome is a more vibrant local economy and a fast, easy way for authority staff to access their local supplier base”.

Staff from any local authority or other body can contact;

Andy Gough, Oracle
07767 260051


Simon Lipscomb, @UK PLC
07799 711441