@UK PLC Launches Cutting Edge CMS and Order Management System

Oct 08, 2007
Today (Monday 8th October) @UK PLC launched ‘The Control Centre’ in BETA release to enable customers to review it and give feedback.

This is a Web Site Content and Catalogue Management Console with Order and Customer Management, including powerful Reporting functionality.

It is expected that this addition to the @UK range of products and services will be not only a valuable asset for existing customers but also a potential product available to large organisations for eCommerce web site content and catalogue management.

The project is a triumph for the company;

• It uses the latest in web technologies to enable customers to edit content with ease.
• Accessibility and Usability were major factors in the project decision making process.
• End users were consulted throughout.
• DSDM Project Methodology was employed to great effect.
• It is the culmination of some 9 months work for a large team of developers and designers, delivered on schedule.

Control Centre is the first major project to use SiteGenerator’s new form generation and workflow engine. The form generator is a break through in web application development automating the production of complex forms and work flow and has been used to create the new Control Centre with Content, Order, Invoice management and reporting along with web tracking and analysis in a single package.

The result is a project that has delivered with less than 1/100th of the resources required using traditional web technology.

What is the motivation behind the project?

Previously our customers have used the ‘SiteGenerator Editor’ to administer their web sites and look up customer orders.

This was approaching 8 years old - it used old technology and was becoming difficult to navigate so we started a project to come up with a replacement.

The main objectives were to:
Restructure by improving the navigation and usability, and updating the technology used.
Repair by ironing out any bugs from the old system as a result of the above.
Rebrand by improving consistency in the design and layout, and bringing the site into line with @UK branding.

What does BETA mean?

Beta software is released for the purpose of evaluation or real-world testing. Beta level software generally includes many of the final features, but may also include known issues and bugs of a less serious nature. In other words you may find minor issues using the site, but nothing that is a major risk to the data on your site or your personal data etc.

For more information please contact us or go to http://controlcentre.uk-plc.net (you will be asked to create a login if you don’t have one).