@UK PLC® Launch SiteGenerator2

May 04, 2002
SiteGenerator2 is currently the only fully integrated business directory and eCommerce Virtual Marketplace technology available in the world. A large number of companies have had the vision; Scoot and IBM, SAP and Intel, Royal Bank of Scotland and Demon Internet to name a few, but whither they have tried to integrate RBS and Thus or build SAP and Intel, the others have failed where @UK PLC has succeeded.

In marketing trials of SiteGenerator 2, over 1,000 companies have tested the software and created websites. The technology has been built to scale to over 1 million businesses in each country and provides the UK and Europe with its first significant lead over the US.

SiteGenerator technology powers effective electronic marketplacesThe key problem in building electronic marketplaces is the provision and maintenance of suppliers catalogues. SiteGenerator 2 allows suppliers an easy way to keep their information upto date at a low cost. Historically purchaser driven marketplaces have struggled to get suppliers to place their catalogues online since there has been little incentive to keep information upto date given the closed nature of the marketplace.

Whilst SiteGenerator can be used for closed marketplaces in an effective manner, it is most effective when used as an open market-lead marketplace.For example, @UK PLC uses the integrated directory, shopping mall, site creation and content management technology to provide a leading marketplace that is now being shared by an increasing number of partners, visit http://www.radio-caroline.net for an example.

The ability to provide customised marketplaces with different brands and look and feel around the same core content is one of the major enhancements in SiteGenerator 2.0.

The other major enhancement is a new visual editing interface that allows supplier to view and edit their site online in the same session.