@UK PLC announces new state of the art data centre in London

May 25, 2007
@UK PLC is pleased to announce that our new state of the art data centre in London is now ready for use!

All our services will be moving to London and the Aldermaston Data Centre will become a standby facility.

The project has been phased as follows;

Phase 1 – Customer Inspection and Approval
Phase 2 – Parallel Running
Phase 3 – Go Live

The first 2 phases are complete, and the go live in London is scheduled over the weekend of Saturday 26th May 2007.

"The move will increase the level of service for our customers providing enhanced security, 24/7 network monitoring, connectivity and resilience with significant room for expansion."

Nick Indge, Infrastructure Manager.

Please contact us if you have any questions about the migration process.

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