@UK PLC® and SOS No Limits campaign

Jan 17, 2003
@UK PLC are aiming to raise £1.4 and 1.7 million over the next year for British Skiing via the Support our Skiers - No Limits Campaign. The No Limits tag comes from the success of @UK PLC’s eCommerce offering which has successful companies such as 247 Ink selling over £ 1 million of inkjet cartridges per annum through the system using a £ 250 @UK PLC Site.

Ronald Duncan the founder of @UK PLC was Britain’s top downhill racer in the early 90’s. His view is “The SOS No Limits Campaign finally allows us to make a step change in British Skiing if we are successful we will raise significantly more money for the team than ever before. This is vital because after a long gap the team has now had a run of excellent results, and we poised to achieve our first every World Cup Victory through Alain Baxter. This has been result of a long term sponsorship by British Land, which we are seeking to augment through our no limits campaign