@UK now offers 100% Electronic Options

Oct 02, 2006
A free financial model has been constructed by @UK so buying organisations can quantify their savings from implementing 100% electronic ordering and/or invoicing –both of which are now achievable using the latest @UK developments. The model combines the conclusions of organisations like the National E-Procurement Project (NEPP), @UK’s own experiences with a number of clients and the expectations/situation of the particular buying organisation under examination. The model forecasts expected savings and Return on Investment (ROI) for any local authority, central government department, health authority, corporate body etc implementing e-procurement completing any of the following stages:

Client has their back office finance system (or P2P system if present) linked to the @UK national supplier network and uses it to route all orders to suppliers electronically (with a “Request for Price” option for services)

All supplier invoices are received for processing in electronic format by implementing the @UK “@Invoice” programme.

Client uses the @UK supplier recruitment programme to establish direct links for ordering and e-invoicing to all significant suppliers, with correct terms applied to every order.

Client implements a change management programme internally to roll out full e-procurement to all departments, (with or without @UK implementation programme assistance)

Client adopts “Strategic Procurement” including eg buyer-neutral coding for all items, e-auctions and e-tendering, supplier pre-qualification etc as appropriate.

@UK Chief Executive Lyn Duncan said "Most organisations have now gone way beyond the stage of thinking e-procurement is some alien technology irrelevant to them. They know that their staff are confident buying from websites, so the 'ultimate user' is not a problem. It is the detailed implementation at procurement/finance department level so as to achieve bankable savings that is the issue now. @UK has gained very significant experience that allows us to not only implement a range of staged solutions, but also highlight the ROI from each. We can provide a full P2P path linked to virtually any finance system in the UK, including all the big names like Oracle, SAP, Sage line 500, Cedar, Civica, and now Agresso.
As @UK accumulates more and more knowledge, we are in an even stronger position to ensure genuinely successful implementations. Ours is a proven and pragmatic solution".

For a free exercise with the @UK savings model e-mail lyn.duncan@ukplc.net or ring 0870 486 6000

(See also www.idea.gov.uk/idk/aio/724101)