@UK launches series of eSelling and eProcurement training courses, bookable online….

Nov 23, 2006
A range of one day and half-day training courses for both purchasing staff and suppliers is now available to book via the @UK website (see www.ukplc.net/training).

@UK Training Manager, Sheila Smith, says “We have a state-of-the art training centre at Aldermaston which makes an ideal learning environment well away from everyday distractions. Pre-scheduled training courses are also usually the lowest cost option. The centre is easily accessible from junction 12 of the M4 and just 40 miles from Heathrow and Southampton airports see map.There are also trains to Aldermaston halt, and we supply details of a wide range of accommodation round about, if it is not practical for delegates to travel both ways in one day.

There is an additional benefit in coming to a course which mixes staff from several organisations, as you are exposed to other people’s ideas and issues. You can often come away having gained a great idea that would not have occurred to you otherwise.

We are happy to run courses and customized training on e-procurement/ e-selling at the training centre (or on suitable client premises) for larger numbers of staff from one organisation. These can be arranged more flexibly to suit your particular needs – just call me and we can discuss what is best”

To discuss your organisation’s requirements just call Sheila via 0870 486 6000 or e-mail sheila.smith@ukplc.net.

The content of standard courses currently available is summarised below (For scheduled dates, and to place a booking online see www.ukplc.net/training)

The courses for suppliers are designed to accommodate firms who are creating either a basic trading website or a more sophisticated one, and those who want to add more complex functionality into their existing site.

• Suppliers just beginning trading online will finish the Basic Site Setup day with the essentials of their website complete and ready to begin selling, whether the site offers goods or services and whether it is targeted at the public sector, consumers, other businesses or all three.
• The Advanced course follows on immediately from Basic Site Setup. It is designed for those firms who need extra functionality to cater for their clients’ requirements, or those who already have a trading site set up on @UK, but want to use it to the full to gain new sales and clients. “The opportunities are huge”, says Sheila. “Just as with any software, most users are not getting all the benefits they can from their @UK subscription. Being able to sell at different prices to different customers, offer promotions and discounts by client, sell electronic documents, code your items for those clients who require it, link to external websites, add more web pages to your site and so on are all available functions at no extra cost. All suppliers need to know is how each of these can be set up on their site.”

The courses for buying clients should ideally be timed to fit in with your implementation plan for eProcurement, which you may have developed or be developing along with @UK. The courses are aimed at:

• Staff in the role of a front-line Purchaser (the only half-day course)
• Purchasing Administrators – those setting up the organisational structure, system-wide operational parameters, user profiles and permissions (who may also fulfil the role of Purchasing Controller – see below). • Purchasing Controllers – those who manage, for example, which suppliers are made visible and to which levels of staff, who fits within which buying group and which ordering methods are allowed.

In every case the intention is to send delegates back ready to begin eProcurement straightaway. “The faster clients can begin to save money on cutting out administration, and purchasing more effectively, the better” says Sheila. “Our intention is for every @UK client – whether a buyer or supplier –to get absolutely the most benefit they can from using the @UK network. If clients or prospective clients ring me I will be happy to discuss how we can achieve smooth, trauma-free implementation of eProcurement to meet the organisation’s savings targets on time and in full”.

For any more info contact sheila.smith@ukplc.net. or ring Sheila via 0870 486 6000