@UK improves its supplier packages

Aug 30, 2006
After reviewing client feedback and requirements, @UK has now made it even easier for suppliers to create a trading website for firms to do business with the public sector, consumers and other businesses online.

In future, the size of website package any firm requires from @UK to begin to sell online to schools, hospitals, councils etc will be solely dependent upon the number of items or services it offers its own customers. The new @UK “SG50” package, for example, will therefore be a trading website through which a supplier is able to offer a range of up to 50 different goods or services. The “SG100” will accommodate up to 100 goods or services etc. Most importantly, suppliers can now allocate a website page, plus illustration, to each item or service if they wish. For example, for a firm offering property refurbishment “Retiling a sink”, “retiling a shower” and “retiling a whole bathroom” could each be described on separate website pages, or “retiling work” could all be on one page, with individual service products listed on it. Each service could be offered at a fixed price, or the online “request for price” facility could allow public sector customers to request a quote for a specific job.

@UK Marketing Director Dudley George said “We wanted to give every supplier on the @UK network the maximum scope to present their offering, and for their customers to buy. Given the expansion in capacity that has taken place in the @UK system, there is no issue at all with the speed each web pages loads, whichever approach suppliers take. They can, of course, still set up different price lists per item for each major client such as a particular council or hospital, which appears automatically as that client logs in, as well as having a “public” price that ordinary householders see on the Internet. Research shows the new @UK website pricing structure to be easy to understand; although our new expanded team of supplier advisers are also on hand (via 0870 486 6006) to guide new clients to the most appropriate package for their needs. The options exists for any supplier to “DIY build” their new trading website from scratch, or attach a trading basket to any existing non-functional website they may already have. In a vast majority of instances, however, new clients opt for @UK to do this work for them for a small extra charge.”

“In addition to simplifying the purchase process for @UK websites, the new approach also has other benefits, notably in the search process. All of the many public sector clients we have now buying through @UK search by item. The new item-based approach will therefore give our supplier clients the best possible chance of setting their site so as to be” found” easily”.

“Trading websites created within the @UK system remain extremely good value given the very high functionality that exists within all its websites. As well as the critical benefit that @UK trading sites are linked directly to their customer’s buying systems they also allow for differential pricing per client described above, many types of online promotion, tracking sources of business from online marketing campaigns etc... This advanced level of functionality in trading websites was previously only available from other sources which could cost tens of thousands of pounds, but is even offered within the “SG Alpha” site at just £48 per annum”.

The full range of “SG” products from @UK is now as follows:

PackageItems or servicesJoining fee/Annual fee (excl VAT)
SG Alpha1£48
SG 5050£120
SG 100100£240
SG 200200£360
SG 20002000£480
SG UnlimitedUnlimited£960

Existing @UK clients whose site specification has been changed have automatically had their site upgraded at no extra charge for the remainder of their current annual membership to the nearest new product above their current site.

For any more information email Dudley George or call 0870 486 6003.