@UK Announce Successful Rapid Deployment at Hambleton District Council

Mar 23, 2007

@UK PLC, a leading provider of software solutions that facilitate eCommerce and eProcurement, today announces that it has fully-deployed its eProcurement System to Hambleton District Council in 5 Days.

Hambleton District Council has become the first UK authority to benefit from @UK’s new “Rapid Deployment” strategy for District Councils. This new approach fully implements eProcurement throughout the council and lowers the deployment time from up to several months to five days.

Claire Blackburn, eProcurement Project Manager and Michelle Burne, eProcurement Team Leader from Hambleton jointly commented:“We are very pleased that @UK has been able to implement our new eProcurement system so quickly. Now that the system is in place we have instant access to the multitude of suppliers on the @UK system, so we can immediately begin to purchase goods and services in this way. This will allow us to benefit from the significant cost savings the system facilitates.”

Andy Cross, @UK’s Rapid Deployment Manager commented:“@UK’s wealth of experience in the field of eProcurement allows us to be able to plan a project like this. We are aware of potential issues that can arise during the deployment of an eProcurement system and can therefore plan for them. We have demonstrated that with all the necessary planning our five-day rapid deployment programme is realistic and achievable, and I look forward to the rapid deployment of further public sector bodies.”


@UK PLC: 0870 486 6000
Andy Cross, Rapid Deployment Manager: andy.cross@ukplc.net