@UK and Learn Direct getting SW Businesses Online

Jan 10, 2006
@UK PLC has now trained all the business-facing centres of Learndirect Great Western Region to help eligible small businesses in the area build a trading website for themselves on the @UK network. This means that all the firms which benefit can gain new sales and cut their costs by selling online to other businesses, consumers and the public sector.

Rhian Durnell of Learndirect Great Western Hub said “It’s impossible for small businesses to ignore what is going on as the Internet handles more and more sales. Buyers find it convenient to order this way at the office or at work. Whatever goods or services small firms provide, they need to have a proper trading website able to take orders and requests for quotes, and send invoices online, anytime “24 by 7”. What we aim to achieve in our training sessions with small businesses is to prove that managing their own trading website is not something terrifying or high-tech. Because they can make any amends they want at any time for no cost, this is also a better approach than paying an agency to maintain a “brochure” website for them with no shopping basket to take orders (although firms can also link any existing brochure site to their new online shopping basket if they want, to preserve their existing investment)”

Andy Cross of @UK PLC said “As the Great Western area of Learndirect includes the former Avon area, Gloucestershire and Swindon/ Wiltshire; we have many local authorities in this region which will be using our network to do all their ordering in future. It is important for small businesses to realise, however that when they have a trading website on @UK they can sell to all types of customer more efficiently this way. It doesn’t matter if they are a plumber, a taxi service, a wood yard or a wholesaler. We have thousands of small businesses of all types on our network already, saving on paperwork and postage and offering their customers greater convenience".