The @UK PLC e-Marketplace solution saves money for Devon County Council

Feb 27, 2009

The number of transactions that have passed through the @UK PLC eMarketplace during the calender year 2008 represents savings in excess of £500,000.

The system assists users to select contracted suppliers who will offer best value, and helps users to find appropriate suppliers of goods and services for Devon County Council.

The website enables County Council staff to electronically order from suppliers, the goods and services required for the day to day running of the County Council’s services and receive payments online.

The benefits to Devon County Council (DCC) in using the @UK PLC system are that it creates savings for the council and suppliers due to:

  • Paperless purchasing
  • Reduced transaction costs
  • Automated electronic invoicing
  • One stop shopping
  • Quick product sourcing
  • Fast ordering
  • All day everyday purchasing

In addition it enables DCC to have up to date product information and prices and enables faster acquisitions of goods.

Kevin Balding, Principal Procurement Officer confirms,
“the system has a full audit trail that enables DCC to have detailed purchasing data to give us a better understanding of our buying patterns across the council and inform the budget planning process”.