Spikes Cavell and @UK PLC launch new Joint Programme for Local Authority Cost Savings.

Jul 25, 2005
Luke Spikes, Managing Director of Spikes Cavell said, ” At the heart of our proposition lies the Observatory - an online database that contains standardised, consolidated, de-duplicated, enhanced and extended expenditure data extracted from the financial systems of a growing number of local authorities, universities, NHS trusts and other public sector bodies. Today the Observatory provides instant online access to 343,675 creditors, financial transactions worth more than £7.7bn and 5,783,476 invoices, providing an unprecedented platform for the development and delivery of an effective procurement programme. All this cannot be achieved without full supplier e-nablement however, which is why @UK is such an important partner for us.”

Lyn Duncan, Managing Director of @UK PLC said, “This is a perfect combination. Although both our companies will also continue to offer their separate services, I honestly believe that any authority not doing so should look at the benefits of our new joint programme identifying potential savings, e-nabling all key suppliers and providing a direct link to whatever is the council’s financial system. Only by implementing all aspects together can authorities reach the ambitious targets set by the Gershon agenda”.

Spikes Cavell www.spikescavell.net is based in Newbury, Berkshire and is pioneering the development of new and innovative data-based analytical solutions to support the drive toward more effective public-sector procurement. The company’s data and analysis is being used by local authorities, universities, NHS trusts and other public sector bodies to support the formulation of procurement strategy, track progress toward key procurement objectives and to identify opportunities for substantial efficiency improvements and cash savings in the procurement of goods & services.

@UK PLC www.ukplc.net is based in Aldermaston, Berkshire and is working with local authorities, large corporates, health authorities and schools throughout the UK e-nabling their suppliers so as to allow fully electronic ordering and invoicing. They link all sizes of supplier with local authorities, from multinational corporations such as RS Components through to tiny local suppliers such as plumbers and cleaners. Because each supplier is provided with a full trading website, there are important Local Economic Development benefits to the e-nablement programme also.

For more information contact;

Lyn Duncan, Managing Director of @UK PLC
Luke Spikes, Managing Director of Spikes Cavell & Co