Richard Benyon Minister for Natural Environment Launches Green Marketplace

Oct 07, 2010
Aldermaston, 8 October 2010 - The @UK PLC Green Marketplace was launched yesterday, by Richard Benyon, Minister for Natural Environment. Berkshire based ecommerce supplier, @UK PLC had a double celebration yesterday as they celebrated the launch of their new green marketplace, and their first green customer. The culmination of over three years research and development, the new green marketplace provides organisations with tools that enable them to measure and account for their environmental impact.

Findel Education, the UK’s largest educational supplier, is the first supplier to sign up to the Company’s new green Marketplace, in a contract valued at approximately £50,000.

“It’s a brilliant start to the new green marketplace. We confident that Findel Education with around 20,000 items is the largest catalogue in the world to be carbon neutral,” said @UK Chairman, Ronald Duncan. Findel Education is better known for its individual brands GLS Educational Supplies, AtoZ Supplies, WNW, EDCO, Philip Harris, LDA, GALT, SBS (Step by Step), Hope Education, Davies Sports, NES Arnold, Philip & Tacey.

Richard Benyon, Minster for Natural Environment said “As Minister for the Natural Environment I look forward to seeing industry continue to contribute to the arena of assessment and measurement tools for environmental impacts, and increasing uptake by business.”

The @UK PLC electronic marketplace has been in existence since 1999, and has over 1 million users throughout the UK in both the public and private sectors. @UK PLC is also a leading Company Formation and Company Registration agent with over 200,000 companies formed. The addition of a new green aspect has meant for customers that now they can:

- View of the cost to the environment as items are purchased, and the carbon footprint of items purchased
- GreenInsight – an analytic tool that evaluates an organisation’s spend, compares the items against the e2class classification system on the marketplace and calculates the environmental cost of the spend in considerable detail, to product line level.

At the launch, a number of key organisations from public and private sectors could see the functionality of the classification tools, and their ease-of-use.

“The ease of use belies the complex mathematics and science behind the development of a comprehensive classification that can accurately represent an ethical and environmental impact of a product. With over 3.6 million items classified, we believe this is the most comprehensive database of items classified and carbon footprinted,” Mr Duncan said.

The company’s e2class classification system is the result of a three year collaboration between CenSA, SEI (Stockholm Environment Insitute), and the Universities of Reading and Goldsmiths London. It builds on the NSV standard classification that has been in governmental use for over 30 years, adding in vital environmental data, carbon footprints and ethical supply information.

Also at the launch, @UK client, Basingstoke and North Hampshire NHS Trust, demonstrated how their use of the GreenInsight tool has delivered surprising results in revealing the major carbon culprits within the operation.

GreenInsight is charged at £12,000 per organisation, and provides a detailed breakdown of the environmental impact of all expenditure.

“It’s difficult to know where to begin in implementing a carbon reduction programme, but GreenInsight has revealed exactly where the carbon culprits lie” confirms Brian Pinnell, Strategic Procurement, Basingstoke and North Hampshire NHS Foundation Trust.
“We would have expected that the greatest environmental impact came from Mains Electricity (30%) but were very surprised that the next two largest carbon culprits were Medical and Surgical Instruments and Prescription Drugs,” he said.

GreenInsight and its savings focussed companion tool SpendInsight cost £12,000. There are approximately 5,000 public sector bodies that could purchase GreenInsight, and many more in the commercial sector.

“We expect there will also be considerable interest in the @UK Green Marketplace from the commercial sector, as there has already been from the public sector,” Mr Duncan said.

@UK PLC’s customer base includes a number of large local bodies – Devon County Council, Gloucestershire County Council and a number of organisations within the NHS. Suppliers to the @UK Marketplace include a most major brands and more than 5,000 SME’s, many of whom are active participants in the public sector supply chain.

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@UK PLC was established in 1999 as a spin off from @Software PLC a software development company established by Ronald Duncan in 1991.

The firm is a leading electronic marketplace in the UK with over 1 million users. @UK PLC provides a joined up set of eBusiness solutions: Spend Analysis, Purchase to Pay and Electronic marketplace connecting into Supplier eCommerce systems. The company also provides business startup services including eCommerce and eProcurement.

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Transcript of Richard Benyon Minister for the Natural Environment’s Speech

I am delighted to be here today. Technology is leading the way and showing exactly how organisations across the public and private sectors can easily and cost-effectively remain faithful to their green agenda.

A collaboration between @UK PLC and BASDA (Business and Accounting Software Developers Association) has delivered a tool for Carbon Accounting.

BASDA members Access Dimensions and Microsoft Axapta have solved carbon accounting in mainstream finance systems and the introduction of the BASDA Green XML standard has gone a long way in standardising the green electronic messaging system, and the @UK Green Marketplace now provides organisations with a cost-effective means of assessing high level carbon footprints, and organisations’ carbon footprint.

I'm also delighted to be able to announce today that Findel Education, the largest educational supplier - known for brands such as GLS, NES Arnold and Hope Education - have led the way by becoming the first Carbon Neutral organisation, on this the UK's first green electronic marketplace.

@UK PLC have utilised ground breaking research by University of Reading, Goldsmiths University of London and the Stockholm Environment Institute at York to create @UK PLC’s e2class product database.

Of course, it is not just about carbon footprinting, we support business in being aware of other environmental impacts such as embedded water and biodiversity.

As Minister for the Natural Environment I look forward to seeing industry continue to contribute to the arena of assessment and measurement tools for environmental impacts, and increasing uptake by business.