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Dec 21, 2006

Attention all Public sector buyers. Register for free for forthcoming “100% conferences”

Pressure is on the public sector to deliver significant savings. One major opportunity is to go over straightway to “100% cost reductions” on eProcurement; that is to send all your orders electronically to all your suppliers and receive all your invoices back online for automatic matching and payment. Gains include

  • Immediate postal/stationery savings if you still mail some orders, or from labour if you are faxing some or all orders
  • Immediate labour savings from invoice opening and manual matching. (This step alone can often pay back the set-up costs of “going electronic” within weeks).
  • Better service, as goods and services can arrive faster and more accurately
  • More efficient negotiating, since you will know immediately and in real time your spending with every supplier. Suppliers also appreciate the real reductions in their costs from accurate orders and 100% on time payment of valid invoices.
Going 100% straightway with some or all of your departments does not mean a major trauma. Step one can be to raise orders exactly as you are now, simply routing them out from your financial system to the @UK supplier network and hence to all your suppliers. It is an easy step for suppliers to take too. All they need do is register an e-mail address for their orders. If you want to go 100% straightaway just fill in your details here.

If you would like to attend a free event with real-life case studies of how the 100% model is being applied in instances like a major Local Authority or leading UK Hospital just register here.

Soon you could also be achieving 100% savings.
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