North Yorkshire joins @UK Network to meet Efficiency Targets

Nov 07, 2005
North Yorkshire County Council has confirmed it is to join the ever-expanding body of local authorities linked to the @UK supplier network. It will be using the @UK Supplier Management System (SMS) to ensure that all directorates of the council are able to purchase and pay from key suppliers by a totally paperless approach.

John Burrows, Head of Central Finance at NYCC emphasised that this is not an issue of “ticking the boxes” and having an e-procurement system in place by December 31st but about real efficiency gains. He said “The ODPM has required authorities to have an e-procurement system so that staff can raise orders electronically, obtain authorisation electronically and then securely transmit the orders to the chosen suppliers via the internet. There are very good efficiency reasons why North Yorkshire County Council would want to do all that, whether there was a deadline or not. What @UK offers us is a very cost-effective solution that achieves all that whilst generating invaluable management information to enable us to improve our procurement practices”.

Another attractive benefit as far as NYCC was concerned is that Durham County Council has also committed to the @UK network. John Burrows said “There are very real advantages for local suppliers knowing that our two major councils, as well as local businesses and consumers can all buy electronically from them, once they are on @UK.
I hope that the other authorities in the area will consider the benefits of bringing their council and its local SME community onboard too. @UK has already established a member of staff based in this area to help local firms enter the Internet age, and is happy to expand that presence as more authorities join in”.

For more information contact:

John Burrows, Head of Central Finance, North Yorkshire County Council
tel. 01609 532121

Dudley George, Marketing Director, @UK PLC
tel. 0870 486 6002