New White paper emphasises eProcurement…

Nov 13, 2006
A new government white paper entitled “Strong and prosperous communities” highlights the value to local authorities of adopting and rolling out eProcurement. It says that eMarketplaces (such as those created by the @UK supplier network) ”impose an organisational structure which leads to a reduction in maverick spending, improved contractual arrangements ….and new opportunities for collaborative procurement”.

A further emphasis throughout the white paper is on the use of joint procurement arrangements which “can help secure efficiencies by aggregating demand”. The @UK eMarketplace is an ideal infrastructure upon which buyers across several local authorities can set up and ensure that collaborative purchasing agreements are accessed by all their staff, wherever based. Future government stated aims in the white paper include an emphasis within procurement on “utilising technology” and “a more consistent approach to data gathering”. The achievements of @UK in all these areas will be featured in two seminars to be given at the imminent conference on these topics organised by the national eProcurement Programme (nepp) on December 6th and 7th in Central London. This forms part of an overall drive to implement eProcurement within the public sector.

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The white paper “Strong and prosperous communities” costs £32.50 but can be downloaded free of charge from the website of the Department for Communities and Local Government, click here

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