Minister praises Local Economic Development work of @UK

Oct 03, 2005
Stephen Timms, MP for East Ham, Minister of State for Pensions Reform and formerly E-Commerce Minister, has warmly praised the work of @UK e-enabling small businesses in East London. At a reception in the House of Commons on 13th Sept 2005 to raise awareness about the Newham KickStart project (, he told @News: “With the 2012 Olympic Games, businesses in London - and East London in particular - have been handed a great opportunity. We need to join up our procurement plans with our community strategies and ensure that our small local businesses benefit from this opportunity.”

Lyn Duncan, @UK Managing Director commented: “We all want to ensure that local businesses take their fair share of opportunities for public sector work. By taking a trading website through @UK, East London’s small companies will be operating on a far more level playing field with the big international companies, to use a sporting analogy. They can trade with the public sector, large companies, consumers and even each other - all through one website.”

The Minister is pictured here accompanied by Lyn Duncan, @UK Managing Director and Luke Spikes, Managing Director of Spikes Cavell & Co. The latter has carried out an analysis of the SME base of a number of local authorities, including several in London, helping the councils to identify those local small businesses at risk as a result of insensitive e-procurement. Spikes Cavell and @UK PLC have already formed a working agreement offering a comprehensive package to accompany any e-procurement implementation, allowing authorities to support development of the local SME community wherever appropriate.

For more information contact @UK PLC via 0870 486 6002