Launch of New Enterprise Allowance and 20th Birthday

Jul 19, 2011

The launch of New Enterprise Allowance on the 1st of August coincides  with the 20th Anniversary of @UK PLC founder Ronald Duncan going onto Enterprise Allowance to start the business that eventually became @UK PLC.

@UK PLC is looking for businesses that have started up with  @UK PLC, so that we can highlight them as part of the launch of New Enterprise Allowance and our 20th anniversary celebrations.

20 years ago Ronald Duncan was a World Cup ski racer, and he went onto Enterprise Allowance in August 1991 prior to going down to Chile for the summer races.  He had a great set of races in Chile winning both the downhills, and moving up into the worlds top 30.

He came back for Chile to set up 'Ski Monday' and 'Astute Solutions' in September 1991.   Astute Solutions became Calleva CAMAD, then Software limited, prior to spinning off @UK PLC back in 1999.

@UK PLC will be supporting the New Enterprise Allowance program with a special package for all start ups, to make it even quicker and easier to get trading and employing other people.  Ronald had his first employee Elizabeth Sharp by September 1991.