Launch of @Australia Marketplace with Visa

Sep 25, 2012

@UK PLC is pleased to announce the launch of @Australia at a presentation to a group of 70 Australian procurement professionals, representing organisations from within the Private Sector, Federal Government, State and Local Government.  The launch of the Australian version of the @UK eMarketplace is in collaboration with Visa Worldwide Pte Ltd.

The response was enthusiastic and delegates commented that the cloud based procurement service was a significant advance from the current solutions available in the Australian market, which are particularly focused on sourcing and traditional catalogue solutions.

Anthony Jones, Director, Commercial Solutions at Visa said: - "The delegates were very excited about the solution as it provides a fully integrated source to payment service which is secure and most importantly easy to use without training.  Current solutions in the Australian market are stand alone and payment is a detached process. Given the pressure for savings across the Australian economy we see the joint solution as a key part of the answer."

Lyn Duncan co-founder of @UK said: - "We are delighted with the response from the Australian procurement professionals and their understanding of how our complete procurement solution will deliver significant savings across their organisations.  We look forward to delivering our solutions in collaboration with Visa and its member banks."