Green XML

Jun 25, 2010
@UK PLC is pleased to support the BASDA consultation around BASDA Green XML, and its launch at the Business of Bio-Diversity Summit on the 13th of July.

@UK PLC's chairman Ronald Duncan is leading the consultation on BASDA Green XML and we would like customers to assist @UK PLC and BASDA in making the consultation and resulting XML standard as useful and comprehensive as possible.

BASDA XML is the leading format for business messages, and the Green XML extensions will be made available to all other XML formats to try and make it easer for all the standards to implement green extensions and for developers to enable businesses to exchange green information.  This is critical so that financial software can support both carbon accounting and all the other areas that require resources to be monitored and conserved.

The BASDA Green XML section of the BASDA site is at

BASDA Green XML has the following 'Green' sections:

  • Carbon footprints and offsets
  • eco-labels and certifications
  • Embedded/virtual water
  • Waste management
  • COSHH/REACH data sets
  • Bio-Diversity
  • Input/Output analysis

BASDA has a group of external experts, and is looking for

  • Additional experts
  • Buyers that want to use Green XML
  • Suppliers that want to use Green XML
  • Groups that are interested in the resulting data

Please visit if you would like to help.