Green marketplace launch campaign

Sep 27, 2010

@UK PLC has started emailing all customers as part of its new marketplace campaign, explaining how, and why the marketplace is going to grow rapidly, and that customers should engage to take maximum advantage prior to launch.

A copy of the email is available here.

The new website is at

The key points:

  • @UK PLC marketplace expected to grow rapidly
  • B2B traffic only a small percentage of potential size
  • A price break through on carbon footprint reducing the cost from £ 20-100,000 to less than £ 5.
  • Customers need to engage to get maximum advantage

The new marketplace will be launched on 7th October by Richard Benyon MP, Minister for the Natural Environment and Fisheries.The launch is to be held in the @UK plc Training Centre in Calleva Park, Aldermaston on the afternoon of Thursday 7th October. Lunch is from 12:30pm and all are welcome.