Gloucestershire Authorities embrace shared E-Marketplace

Nov 17, 2005
In a move designed to give maximum local impetus, the local authorities in Gloucestershire are setting up an E-Marketplace in conjunction with eProcurement specialists @UK PLC. Gloucestershire County Council, Cheltenham Borough Council and Gloucester City Council will be in the first wave of take-up scheduled for the end of March 2006, with the other Gloucestershire councils looking at joining in the near future. The nature of the @UK network means that suppliers choosing to join the Marketplace are immediately visible to all Gloucestershire councils, as well other @UK PLC customers like Dorset and Devon County Councils and Bristol City Council.

Jonathan Anderson, Programme Manager for the Gloucestershire Electronic Partnership, sponsoring the project, said ”There are benefits to both local authorities and suppliers alike through being able to trade electronically with one another, including reducing paper ordering, carrying out efficient low-level tendering for services online and receiving invoices electronically. In addition, we believe @UK’s Marketplace proposition for providing low-cost transactional websites is ideal for all sizes of businesses and supports our local economic development strategy, creating a level playing field for local businesses to compete with national companies. Finally, the opportunity for businesses engaging with the Marketplace to trade with the thousands of other businesses locally, regionally and nationally, is significant.”

Simon Lipscomb, National Sales Manger of @UK PLC said, “We have just had the results of a national survey amongst local authorities co-sponsored with the Municipal Journal. One of the most interesting results was that 91% of the authorities which were involved in collaborative buying expected to save money through e-procurement, compared to 67% anticipating savings where the authority is acting mainly alone. Obviously by establishing a common link through our network Gloucestershire authorities, just like those in Devon, Hertfordshire and elsewhere will be ideally placed to operate collectively on any appropriate area of procurement”.

For more information contact

Jonathan Anderson
Programme Manager - Gloucestershire Electronic Partnership
tel: 01452 426673

Simon Lipscomb
National Local Authority Sales Manager - @UK PLC
tel: 0870 486 6000