G-Cloud is Green Cloud with @UK

Feb 20, 2012
Cloud e-commerce marketplace @UK PLC is making the Government G-Cloud into a Green Cloud as an approved supplier  in each of the four lots of the framework.  @UK has the  greenest cloud offering  because it has the most efficient software platform.

The G-Cloud is an initiative designed to consolidate cloud-based IT services into a shared framework for use by public authorities. Access to this framework will enable public sector IT services to be increasingly innovative, versatile and cost effective, through the ability to rent IT services on a pay per usage basis. The framework was tendered with an estimated value of GBP 60 million. @UK believes it has a strong competitive position within the framework since it has the largest UK user base on its Platform as a Service offering, and believes it is the most efficient and greenest cloud provider.

The framework comprises of four lots:-

  • Infrastructure (IaaS) Services - 67 providers,
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS) - 38 providers
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - 153 providers and
  • Specialist Cloud Services - 160 providers

The least competitive of the four lots is the Platform as a Service section, and this is the area where @UK believes it has its strongest offering with over 1 million users already using the platform, and a wide range of Software as a Service applications that have been built on the platform covering:-

  • Cloud Ecommerce Marketplace
  • Ecommerce
  • Eprocurement
  • Spend Analysis
  • Green Analysis
  • Social Care Marketplace
  • Green Marketplace
  • Website Content Management
  • Email and
  • Over 10,000 customer applications

@UK has a strong offering in the Infrastructure as a Service lot, due to the proven efficiencies of its platform. This allows @UK to offer free infrastructure for clients on the platform and an infrastructure offering whilst clients are migrating to the platform.

Benchmarking of the @UK platform against industry standard platforms such as Microsoft IIS, dotNet and SQL server; Oracle Java and Db; Linux, Apache, PhP, MySql; shows the @UK platform to be between 100 to over 1,000x more efficient due to its unique intelligent caching software.

Chairman of @UK, Ronald Duncan said: -

"The move by the government to create a marketplace for IT services is a strong endorsement of the efficiency gains made possible by the Cloud. @UK has spent over 12 years developing and investing in its Cloud platform, infrastructure and services and we are delighted to have been recognised as an approved supplier within all four lots of the framework. We believe our large user base and significant technical advantage provides us with a strong competitive position within G-Cloud."

"This will allow G-Cloud to both save Government significant amounts of money and reduce the carbon footprint of its IT."

@UK PLC offerings are available at the following links