G-Cloud 4 Framework Agreement

Oct 29, 2013

@UK PLC is pleased to announce that it has been awarded to supply services on the government framework agreement G-cloud 4 framework. This is the fourth consecutive successful round of the framework that @UK has been placed on.  We have extended the list of products available on the fourth generation of the government framework and again has been placed on all four lots (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Specialist Cloud Services).

New services and solutions include additions to our Social Care services and software range as well as project management services. The new additions are as follows:

  • Social Care Directory (Information & Advice/Signposting) - The @UK care Directory allows citizens to have access to information and advice in one place which is searchable and can be filtered for ease of use. Links are provided to Provider and external websites ensuring that individuals are informed and know where to get help when required.
  • Case Management - Monnie Case Management for Social Care, Health and Person records allows all information to be collated in one view enabling true multi-agency vision through a SaaS solution for optimised for both PC and mobile use.
  • MyRAS (Resource Allocation System) - The MyRAS solution is designed to work on Ipad and laptops with mobile data connections via the web enabling calibration back to main server and integration with Case Management, Care Marketplace and finance systems where applicable. Incorporating FACS, RAS, Care Plan, Budget Planning and Fiancial Assessment the @UK MyRAS tool offers the full suite in one application.
  • Pay As You Go Agile Development - We use SCRUM, working in short bursts or in SCRUM language – sprints. In each sprint we choose the next most valuable things to do and get them done, then we review and plan the next sprint. Each sprint aims to deliver working software that you could, if you choose deploy.