Free e-meter™ service launched for LA’s

Apr 25, 2006
@UK PLC, the biggest supplier marketplace in Britain has launched a new free service for all local authorities and public bodies called the e-meter™. @UK will work with any authority to measure the e-procurement readiness of every one of its suppliers on a no-obligation basis. This is an ideal first step before the authority begins e-procurement linked to its own back-office finance system.

The results will have immediate applications such as:
* Highlighting “quick wins” in the implementation of e-procurement
* Opportunities for significant savings through online collaboration (by combining the profiles of different authorities)
* Combining with any Spikes Cavell “Observatory” ™ data the authority may have, to drive Local Economic Development

@UK National Supplier Manager Andy Cross said “We are already working with over 40 local authorities from Scotland to Devon to North London, helping their SME suppliers move to online receipt of orders and the rendering of electronic invoices. This is doubly beneficial as it helps ensure the viability of local firms in the future online business world, and allows the authority to begin real e-procurement. Without its supplier base-including small local suppliers- being able to render structured e-invoices acceptable for automatic 3-way match, then e-procurement isn’t really taking place at all. Authorities may be” ticking boxes” but the full benefits to themselves and their community are never going to be achieved. The e-meter process is a way of measuring what has to be done and allowing proper planning of any e-procurement implementation to begin. We would emphasise that there is no obligation. All any authority has to do is to contact me. I, or one of my staff, will talk them through the e-meter process-which is well proven and painless.