Free Constructionline training for all UK Public Bodies

Sep 07, 2006
The Constructionline service offers purchasers many useful features when creating a tender shortlist for construction or facilities management work. This task can now be carried out online in minutes, inviting only suppliers with all the necessary competence, financial stability, health and safety and other pre-qualifications carried out. A host of other criteria can also be applied when creating the shortlist- location, experience in size of work to be tendered, previous client satisfaction levels etc. Suppliers also only need one subscription to Constructionline to potentially gain sales in any part of the UK-just the same as is the case with @UK.

The safe working and competence of suppliers is important whatever the size of the job. This is especially true in schools, hospitals and other public sectors buildings where more vulnerable people are involved. Because Constructionline pre-filtering can now be combined with the @UK “RFP” (Request for Price) process, even smaller jobs not subject to a full tender can still now be offered only to suppliers which meet the necessary standards.

The Constructionline system is free for any UK public body to use. Arrange a login through your @UK account. Join now and there are two extra benefits:

* Get your whole construction and maintenance supplier base up and running ASAP by offering them a very attractive promotion. If they join @UK and Constructionline together this autumn, suppliers get 20% off their first year’s membership fees to both services. Ask us for full details now.

* Get the very best from Constructionline’s huge information database by sending a member of staff on a free training day at @UK’s new training centre (just off the M4). Hands-on instruction by Steve Kinsella (pictured), Client Relations Director of Constructionline, or one of his training staff means your representative will leave able to gain the very best from the national Constructionline database.

To gain advantage of these great offers ring 0870 486 6003, email

Constructionline is a service owned and supported by the DTI.