Devon County Council

Apr 25, 2005
Devon County Council has begun implementing the @UK eProcurement solution to over 900 buyers across its central council facilities just 2 months after awarding the contract. The @UK network already has over 3,000 suppliers on the system including big names like Orange and Lyreco.

Over the coming months the council will be using the unique @UK Plc supplier adoption solution to engage all of its suppliers across Devon and UK wide, from large organisations down to the SMEs. Most important in this process is the “embedding” of an @UK PLC staff member on Devon County Council premises to coordinate efficient and effective supplier adoption.

@UK Chief Executive Lyn Duncan says “The process of supplier e-nablement hinges on getting them to understand how beneficial it is for them to be able to trade with all the UK authorities on our network, plus of course 10 million plus UK consumers on the Internet and many commercial companies. It is however getting easier and easier as time goes on. We have the textbook situation of early adopters showing the rest how it is done - and in many cases achieving benefits as a result".