Council helps local firms go online

Dec 08, 2005
Exeter City Council is helping local companies set up trading websites.

The websites will allow them to sell to councils throughout the South West, as well as other businesses and even consumers online. This continues long-standing work the authority has done to help city businesses take advantage of new technology.

Cllr Val Dixon, Lead Councillor for Best Value and Human Resources, said: “More and more commerce is being done on the internet, where there are major advantages for both suppliers and their customers. Both parties can process orders and payments quickly and more accurately, cutting out paperwork. We are most concerned that Exeter companies do not miss out on this. If our local suppliers send us their invoices online, it also helps us to ensure that we can pay them efficiently, on time every time.”

One local company that is moving into the new era is Bartlett Ltd, a long established family business based at Marsh Barton, supplying refrigeration, air conditioning and catering equipment throughout the South West. John Ponsford, Sales Director of Bartlett Ltd, said: “It is almost impossible to pick up a newspaper or see the television without the internet being mentioned. Most of us see the way that more and more consumer goods are being bought this way, but councils and schools are set to become even more involved as the government requires them to buy this way. We were really keen to go online to serve Exeter City Council, Devon County Council and others, and we can now take online orders from other clients as well. This was all very easy and low cost for us to do.”

Cllr Dixon added: “Obviously we cannot guarantee business with companies just because they go online, but we can say that this is going to be a very much more efficient way for them to trade with us, so it can only help their case.”

Any Exeter company that wishes to benefit from this initiative should either visit the section on our the website or ring 01392 265292.