CedarOpenAccounts (COA) and @UK integrate with punchout roundtrip

Jun 06, 2006
Integration has now been established between CedarOpenAccounts eProcurement software and the @UK network. This mean those local authorities and other organisations using those systems can now have their software configured so as to “punch out” to their suppliers of goods and services and create a requisition to be returned into their back-office for approval. As normal, @UK will work with those authorities to add any local or national suppliers they may have which are not already on the @UK network. Suppliers can configure their trading websites to automatically display any ranges and prices agreed with any buying body, so there is no set up or item maintenance work required by the customer.

Darryl Rodrigues, Head of Product Management for CedarOpenAccounts software told @News “We are very impressed that @UK have worked effectively with CedarOpenAccounts to develop the punchout roundtrip integration model from the Cedar eProcurement system to @UK. This allows a customer to benefit from the hosted catalogues and negotiated contracts within @UK but ensure financial system integration is achieved and different channels of procurement are available to a customer depending on requirements. By addressing the full procure to pay cycle the joint solution has the benefit of offering a good reason for all the parties to join in. Suppliers gain the ability to trade with public bodies, companies and even consumers nationwide, which is also important to our local authority users in supporting the SME’s in their area. Our clients can initiate the procurement process from within the CedarOpenAccounts eProcurement platform and punchout to @UK to benefit from hosted catalogues and negotiated contracts and then return the shopping basket contents to the CedarOpenAccounts system for automatic GL coding, funds checking against budgets and ensuring the data is available within the finance system for invoice order matching. The solution delivers the best value to customers providing an effective solution with high-quality purchase to pay functionality with the capability for staff to procure from approved supplier catalogues.”

A live demonstration of the supplier link in action was given at a recent CedarOpenAccounts e5 software conference, but any CedarOpenAccounts users or those considering using their software are invited to contact Darryl (darryl.rodrigues@cedar.com) or talk to @UK by calling 0870 486 6009.