Blackwell's Books available through @UK PLC

Jun 10, 2005
The @UK PLC network allows local authorities, businesses and schools to order and pay for goods and services with no paperwork bringing considerable savings in terms of administration costs.

Steve Carter from Blackwell's commented "Joining the @UK PLC network was an extremely attractive option for us given the access that their network has to buyers at local authorities and schools. The whole process of developing a @UK PLC punch out from our existing transactional website was made very easy for us. During our long history, Blackwell's has maintained a reputation of embracing technology. We were the first bookseller to set up an online transactional website in 1996 and signing up to @UK PLC's portal is continuing that trend".

With the Office for the Deputy Prime Minister's December 2005 deadline for councils and schools to conduct all of their purchasing online approaching quickly, the @UK PLC network provides suppliers with an ideal platform to reach potentially all this audience.

Lyn Duncan, Managing Director of @UK PLC commented "We are delighted that a company of Blackwell's standing has agreed to sign up to our supplier network. This is a testament to the quality of buyers and suppliers on the network and the volume of business being conducted accross it."