AGM Result and Statements

May 24, 2012

At its Annual General Meeting held today, 24th May 2012, Ronald Duncan, Chairman of @UK PLC,
the cloud e-Commerce market place, made the following statement:

"We are pleased to announce that the new sales team is making good progress, along with the collaboration with
Visa Inc. and the development of our Social Care Marketplaces.

"The sales team has now delivered 140 proposals for green and spend analysis with a total value of £ 2.3 million
of which 22 proposals with a total value of more than £700,000 are currently expected to complete in the second
half of this year.

"Our international expansion is developing as anticipated with the Indian office profitable and growing.  While
these are still early days, the signs are positive and our learning is very valuable for further roll out.  We are
making positive progress with Visa on our collaboration for the Asia Pacific and CEMEA region.

"We are beginning to establish a market leading position in the area of Social Care Marketplaces as a
consequence of building on our unique technology and leading early adopter client.  There are around 160 Local
Government organisations who are required to implement individual budgets for citizens receiving care in the
community and our tailored solution with an annual licence fee of £35,000 is an attractive option.

"This fits well with our work in the NHS and the fact that individual budgets are also going to be implemented
across health and social care with an integrated focus on the citizen.  We are the only solution that spans both
areas, additionally we are the only organisation accredited to hold patient records and embedded purchasing
cards for secure budget management and payment.

"We have not yet commenced sales and marketing activities for our new National Framework across all public
sector bodies and will shortly be investing in this area. Whilst it is still early days in terms of replicable and
forecastable revenue streams in this area, the early outcomes are very positive and we anticipate cashable
visibility in the second half as the pipeline comes to fruition.

Results of AGM

All of the resolutions set out in the Notice of Meeting which was circulated to shareholders on 25 April 2012 were approved by shareholders.

"Overall we are satisfied with progress in the first half, where we have put significant investment into building a
pipeline across a wide range of opportunities."