@UK Launches New Website

Oct 17, 2012

We would like to announce that @UKPLC have launched the new www.uk-plc.net website in preparation for 2013 using their Content Management System and website design solutions.

We hope that the new changes will make things easier to find and give new and existing customers a better understanding of the full spectrum of services we offer.

Relocation of @UKPLC eMarketplace

If you are looking for our eMarketplace to purchase goods, you can access it by clicking the tab labelled eMarketplace. You will then be redirected to the new URL www.marketplace.uk-plc.net where you will find all our products available to purchase as usual.

The relocation should not affect any normal trading functionality and you can continue to use the eMarketplace as normal. The only thing you need to remember is the new URL www.marketplace.uk-plc.net

We hope you find the new website helpful and easier to use. If you have any problems with accessing your usual services we provide, please do not hesitate to contact our support team on support@ukplc.net.