@UK Launches New Media Business Website 24n.biz

Aug 28, 2012

@UK has created 24n.biz, a new media business website to promote startup businesses on the national stage. It focuses on positive and inspirational stories of success with the aim to increase confidence in new businesses and entrepreneurship. It builds up stories that cover various areas of business related news, from entreprise, employment practices, to science, technology and social media.

Businesses that are growing and continually re-inventing themselves are of keen interest to the 24n.biz team, as are great new start ups, new products, services and business ventures.

If you would like to have your business featured on 24n.biz please email business.story@24n.biz for more information, or if you would like your product reviewed, please contact product.review@24n.biz.

The idea of 24n.biz is to promote positive stories, so if you have any other stories or thoughts please email hello@24n.biz and a member of the 24n.biz team will get in touch.