@UK Agile In The Public Sector

Feb 20, 2013

@UK PLC has been invited to speak at the event "Agile in the Public Sector" on March 7th 2013 - a conference that will provide invaluable insights and knowledge transfer to anyone working within Government and Public Sector that are involved with the Governments' ICT Strategy for Agile. 

Our Chairman and Technical Director, Ronald Duncan, will be demonstrating how @UK used Agile methodology to deliver GeM (Generic eMarketplace), a fully integrated Purchase-to-Pay solution for Universities and Colleges (the first eMarketplace in the world to have all payments by purchasing card). The case study will demonstrate how @UK's use of Agile strategies proved to be the most efficient in project delivery as it was delivered quicker than other contract agreement and signatures. 

Some key facts about the GeM project delivery: 

  • Tender awarded in April with go live deadline of August
  • System in beta test by July
  • Go live on 1st August start of financial year
  • Contract signed on 3rd August 

You can meet Ronald Duncan at 3:45pm to hear more about our project methodologies and how we continue to deliver services quickly and efficiently. Event attendance requires registration and you can do so here (information about ticket prices and contact details for the event are also available via the link). 

More about Agile in the Public Sector Conference:

Date: Thursday 7 March 2013

Location: Thistle Marble Arch, London

Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm followed by a complimentary drinks reception

Agile in the Public Sector is a one day event, chaired by DSDM/Agile specialist Steve Messenger, and will be made up of a series of interactive sessions including talks, case studies, speed networking and a plenary session. 



@UK's Technical Director, Ronald Duncan speaks about his thoughts on using Agile DSDM methodologies. He also explains the great benefits and achievements @UK has had in the past with using Agile methodologies. 



Agile in the Public Sector was a  Unicom event in collaboration with DSDM Consortium