@Tenders aims to join spend analysis, contract management and marketplaces.

A surprisingly large number of tendering systems are unable to process line item detail contracts.  You can either use @Tenders for the entire process or link in with an existing system to manage the line item detail part of the tender process.

@Tenders allows suppliers to build full rich catalogues of their product information.  This allows you to see what your buyers will be purchasing from and the quality of the data.  The e2class database makes it easy to find out all the identical items from different suppliers along with functional equivalent items with different qualities.

SpendInsight gives you the volumes that you purchase of each item so that you can have a properly weighted shopping basket with the items that form the majority of your spend.  This automates a large part of the work for contracts with large numbers of items and is the key differentiator of @Tenders from other tendering systems, and why it is worth using @Tenders along side any tendering system that you already have in place.


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