@Contracts was born from the need to manage 100's of thousands of items on contract, and the fact that most contract management systems struggled with the volume and complexity of large public sector contract providers with thousands of suppliers and 100's of thousands of items.

The other significant issue was the number of tendering systems that did not record line item information and just passed through spreadsheets with out capturing the information into contract management systems.

Prior to SpendInsight the task of finding out what items an organisation purchased and the contract price was often a nightmare that required tracing all the contracts and the associated spreadsheets.

SpendInsight now automates the task of finding out the prices that are actually paid by an organisation, and the set up phase for the @UK marketplace where we are checking that the correct prices are loaded for each supplier.

@Contracts ensures that contract management is automated and accurate with full line item contract information for every contract along with change management and reminders so that contracts are re-tendered, and the feed back on quality of service is captured from the @UK marketplace.

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