Guaranteed Savings s2p

SpendInsight Spend Analysis will show significant potential savings, and provide the immediate savings to fund a full s2p(Source to Pay) eprocurement project. Typical savings over the whole s2p cycle are between 19 and 49% of spend.

@UK PLC  arrived at eprocurement from ecommerce as opposed to almost all other providers who came from a purchasing system background.

This provides @UK PLC with a number of unique competitive advantages.

What Makes Us Unique?

Easy to use system

B2C ecommerce systems have to be usable with out training, where as most procurement systems are unusable with out training.

Correct prices

eCommerce sites always have the correct prices including carriage, discounts etc.  All catalogue based procurement system are unable to cope with carriage calculations, promotional discounts and sometimes even straight forward volume discounts.

Credit Card Integration

As far as we are aware @UK PLC is the only eProcurement system with connections into all major banks for credit card acceptance.


B2C ecommerce is not a trusted environment, eprocurement is normally a trusted environment and eprocurement processes often have flaws that were exploited at the start of B2C ecommerce. 

Scalability and Critical mass

@UK PLC passed the 1 million user mark back in January 2010, and has achieved critical mass.  We believe this is more users than all other UK eprocurement systems added together, and probably the largest eprocurement system globally. 

EDI & @Software PLC heritage

In addition @UK PLC has a strong track record in EDI , our original parent company @Software PLC wrote one of the top 10 EDI sites which was a shared system used by over 100 manufacturers to trade with all the major supermarkets.  

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